Top 5 Smell-Proof Grow Box: BestOdor Proof Grow Box 2020Top 5 Smell-Proof Grow Box: BestOdor Proof Grow Box 2020

A grow box is a self-contained box that comes with everything that a grower needs to cultivate weed from seeds to a fully grown cannabis plant. They come in varying sizes, but their inconspicuous nature enables them to blend naturally with the household furniture making them highly discreet.

They are easy to use, and they come pre-assembled. You don’t need to read a manual to know which wire goes where because it comes ready to use. Grow boxes are sturdy, long-lasting, and can provide excellent services for several seasons.

A perfect grow box offers its owners discretion, which is hard to maintain while growing marijuana. However, there are grow boxes that have been built with special features that enable them to keep the weed smell away. The highly functional carbon filters and ventilating fans play a major role in achieving an odor-proof grow box.

Below are five of the best smell-proof grow boxes on amazon

#1 Hellogrower 30″ Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System

The hellogrower 30″ grow box comes with two fans, one for the exhaust and the other for fresh air intake.

The front door is sealed, and activated carbon filters surround the back vents to absorb the weed smell and keep it away.

This smell-proof grow box is very user-friendly, thus making it ideal for novice growers.

#2 Yield Machine Max 4 Foot LED Grow Box

Considered one of the highest yielding grow boxes, the yield machine max 4-foot LED grow box comes with large triple fans (one fan is for air intake and the other two for air exhaust).

For effective odor control, the grow box has a carbon filtration method combined with odor block filters.

#3 Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow box Hydroponics System

This grow box from SuperCloset company comes fully equipped with fans and filters. As the name ‘superlocker’ suggests, anything locked inside the grow box stays there, even the weed smell.

The odor-proof grow box has a reinforced door for security, a sock filter (washable), and top-notch ventilation. All these work together to keep the pungent smell of the cannabis plant from escaping the grow box.

#4 SuperCloset Grow Box LED SuperFlower 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet Hydroponics System

This is yet another efficient smell-proof grow box from the SuperCloset brand. It has been a bestseller for the last ten years and for good reasons. Apart from guaranteed high yields, the grow box offers an excellent airflow through the internal fan, adjustable by height.

Air is pushed through the activated carbon filters by the ventilating fans. As a result, all the smell is sucked in, and the air coming out is odor-free.

#5 Lowryder Hydroponic Grow Box

This 2008 invention by Unique Hydroponics is quite popular. It is uniquely made to ensure that no weed smell is emitted to the outside world.

The dual fans (intake and exhaust) facilitate air movement throughout the grow box. The carbon filters situated at the back of the box behind the fan holes suck the weed odor and neutralize it. Any odor/air/particle leaving the grow box passes through the carbon filter.


Grow boxes are discrete and highly capable of eradicating the smell of marijuana. The five listed above are some of the best in the smell-proof grow box category. If you are looking to purchase one, let the list guide you into picking one that suits your needs.




Do I need to change my ferret’s diet?Do I need to change my ferret’s diet?

On average, a ferret will eat about 5-7% of their bodyweight in food every day. However, this ratio can be varied depend on different period of their lifetime. During growth, pregnancy, lactation or periods of high exercise they will need to eat more with higher protein level in diet.

On the other hands, older ferrets may well need less than this. So, you should monitor your ferret’s weight and the best diet for ferrets should be changed accordingly is important throughout their life.

#1 What do I do if I have to change my ferret’s food?

Quickly changing your ferret’s diet can easily upset his stomach, so you want to make any changes as slowly as possible. You can get start with the mixture of the new food into your ferret’s old food at a ratio of 1 part new food to 9 parts old food.

This is because if they don’t identify a food type as edible early on, it can be difficult to get them to take to it. You just should add a little more of the new food item, and take away a little more of anything you want to replace, every day. Gradually increase the part of new food and decrease the ration of old food in their diet. This slow transition can take several weeks, but do not hurry as your ferrets can be very stubborn.

#2 When should I change my ferret’s diet?

As your ferret gets older, he might become less active and his metabolism may start to slow down as well. This is when you should change their diet. Too much protein level in diet can make them gaining an unhealthy amount of weight.

So you should change to the recipes, which are lower in protein and fat which means they are also lower in calories. Some younger ferrets, who have healthy problems such as kidney issues, also should be offered these reciepts. Always talk to your veterinarian before switching your ferret’s diet.

#3 Tips for changing

In the case a brand either changes its ingredient makeup or goes out of business, you should offer your pets with a variety diet from a young age will make your ferret much more open to a range of foods. Starting an older ferret on a new food can be difficult, if not impossible.

What to avoid when using UVB bulbs in Iguanas cage?What to avoid when using UVB bulbs in Iguanas cage?

Once you get the best UVB light for Iguanas, you also have to know how to properly use it. Regardless of the UVB bulb type you choose to use with your pet Iguanas, there are some mistake you did that can block or reduce the amount of UVB rays.

These following are several things to keep in mind and avoid when using UVB bulbs for Iguanas if you want your pet can receive maximum benefit from your purchase.

#1 Mounting UVB bulb further away from the cage

As you increase the distance between your pet and the UVB bulb, UVB radiation dissipates rapidly. You will have to ensure our iguana is able to get close enough to the UVB lighting for it to be effective. Most UVB bulbs will recommend in the labels with the minimum distance from the bulb.

As the basic rule, Mercury vapor bulbs, should be 12-18″ away, 8-12″ inches is minimum distance for linear or compact fluorescent lighting. Make sure to consult the specific manufacturer’s recommendations before choosing the types of UVB bulbs and also carefully consider the the distance between the bulb and your pet.

#2 Block UVB rays by Glass or acrylic cage wall

If you are using a glass top on your terrarium or vivarium, and place your Iguanas tank next to the window then you cannot expect your animal to receive any UV benefit because UVB rays cannot pass through glass, and if they do, it cuts down on the output significantly.

UVB rays also cannot pass through plastic and acrylic. Make sure that there is no any glass or acrylic/plexiglass between your UVB bulb and your pet.

In the case if you want to setup a lid for your Iguanas cage, it is better to looking for the larger sized mesh available as screens and mesh can also block a part of UVB rays as well.

#3 Using UVB bulbs for a long time

Even you get the best UVB blubs, they all lose their effective over time. Even when the visible light output can remain the same, it not means that UVB bulbs do not degrades. UVB production will begin to drop off as soon as the bulb is first turned on.

Once you use your bulb or a certain length of time, you have to replace your bulb if you do not want your Iguanas received nothing but visible light.

Linear Fluorescent bulb and compact Fluorescent bulb should be replace after every 6 months, while Mercury Vapor Bulb can last for up to 10-12 months

Why my red eared slider turtle won’t eat?Why my red eared slider turtle won’t eat?

Your red eared slider does not eat their food, it is one of the biggest concerns that new turtle owners have. I was very excited when I first bought my baby red-eared slider. But the excitement slowly fades away when I noticed that my turtle is refusing to eat.

I have tried everything to solve the problem and make sure that mu red eared slider can live a healthy and long life. And if you are in the same situation, don’t worry! Here are what I did to solve this situation.

#1 Why isn’t my red eared slider eating?

There are several reasons for red-eared sliders refusing to eat: Change of environment, Incorrect temperature ranges in the enclosure, Boring about same type of food they are given every day, No UVB light, Being ill or having some health issues.

The most common reason is that they are get bore about their diet or the sudden change to a new type of food that’s different from the food it was eating before.

#2 What to do when they are refusing to eat?

if your turtle is refusing to eat the same food you give it every day, there are the big change that they get bore. If that’s the case, start to experiment. Provide them with the best food for red eared slider. Giving your pets different types of food until they start to like some of them.

Aside from that, you can try to entice it with live food. The movement of live food can attract red eared slider, stimulate eating. Insects such as crickets, flies and some bugs are good choices for a start. However, you should not feed only live food, mix it with regular commercial prepared food.

#3 What to do if red-eared slider refuses to eat pellets?

This is what I have done, soaking the pellets in canned tuna water. The flavor of tuna will attract your slider and make them want to it their pellets.

Besides, keep your tank temperature always constant about 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Living in the lower temperature levels for a prolonged period can make baby slider will stop eating and will postpone their growth

Should you use non-stick pan on a gas stove?Should you use non-stick pan on a gas stove?

There are numerous advantages comes with a non-stick pan make it a popular, useful, and indispensable cookware in any kitchen. However, as with any appliance, especially one used practically every day to prepare food, it is important to know if the non-stick pan is compatible with your stove or not.

Unlike other electric stove, gas stove does not naturally distribute heat in a uniform manner. This is why many people want to know whether non-stick pans suited for its open-flame style of cooking.

#1 Should you use non-stick pans on a gas stove?

There is the problem with gas stove is that they quickly heat cookware. Gas stoves typically heat up relatively fast and produce unevenly distributed heat which makes it harder to prepare your meal with non-stick pan.

While non-stick pans should not be place over the high heat and the unevenly heat can damage the non-stick coating. However, it is not mean that’s you cannot use non-stick pans with gas stove. The answer is Yes, you can. But you should find out about best non-stick pan for gas stove and know how to properly use your non-stick pan.

Learning about precaution when using non-stick pan with gas stove you can extend the lifetime of your pan and also get the better result of it.

#2 How to properly use non-stick pan over gas stove?

Non-stick pan should not be cook over high heat. Therefore, always set the burner to lower or medium when using non-stick pans. That means you should use non-stick pans to cook meals that cook on medium to low heat such as pancakes, reheat leftovers or scrambled eggs. Remember not use non-stick pan for complicate food such as searing or broiling meat

One more important thing is using only plastic or wooden spoons on the non-stick pan. Plastic and wooden spoons will prevent the coating finish of the pan from being scratch.

When overheated, the non-stick coating disintegrates at a molecular level producing toxic gases and particles. Above 500 degrees F Teflon coating starts breaking down. This is why non-stick pan cannot be use with oven and you should only heat the non-stick pans up to a maximum of 500 degrees F.

Although many non-stick pans are introduced as dishwasher safe, I would like to recommend you hand wash your non-stick pan when you have time as the hot water of dishwasher may shorten the lifetime of your pan. review: Best for Domestic farmers(Cannabis weed seed dealers) review: Best for Domestic farmers(Cannabis weed seed dealers)

Weed Seeds Canada is a Cannabis weed seed dealers for the domestic farmers looking for high yields for their garden. The dealers store a variety of cannabis seeds for online sale with high effective medicinal uses. Canadian seed bank’s seeds are reliable and suitable for each farmer with an excellent height for tent growers and a fast growth rate. According to the reviews, it’s the highly commended grower’s choice where cannabis is sold at affordable prices and high-quality seeds.

Weed seeds Canada guarantee their clients with a responsive and loyal customer team ready to give useful guidelines on how to plant and harvest the Cannabis seeds. Recently, the company has been working tirelessly to meet each client’s needs during the lock-down by satisfying their wants on time. Over the past few decades, Canada’s seed cannabis has been one of the strong and refreshing high-grade cannabis, attracting many purchasers. For fast online deliveries, the suppliers are the most reliable offering doorstep deliveries. Seeds delivery are quick with an impressive seed packaging.

The seeds plant genetics are the greatest with high germination success rate quarantined leaving no seed lost. They offer a wide range of seeds such as; feminized regular, medical cannabis, and auto flower weed seed. The online Canada seed company deals with a variety of drugs from cocaine, heroin, and crystal meth. The company management team is transparent, displaying all the weed seed Canada on their first client evaluation timeline.

Canadian weed seed is trustworthy and affects the supplier team rewarding their consumers with affordable packages and quantity of seeds. It provides very informative information on their website describing their services and the benefits you are likely to enjoy as a farmer. They happen to own the flawless site with very freely with good communication skills delivering fast services. Canada weed seed has received a five-star rating with good quality and honest service providence. Offers reliable different payment option which is processed on time and professionally discrete with your credit card information.

What are the best homemade rat bedding?What are the best homemade rat bedding?

The rat bedding is not very expensive but you also can save noticeable amount of money over the course of a year. For those who are tight on a budget or if you have a large number of rats, it is a great choice to make your own bedding.

Not only that, recycling things around you to use as bedding is the good way to protect environment because you can compost the soiled bedding later. Aside from best rat bedding that are sold on the market, homemade bedding also should be considered.

#1 Newspaper & paper

You can lay newspaper or paper in the bottom of the cage but it is better, softer to be torn into thin strips.  You can shred it by hand or use the shredder. If you use newspaper, ensure that it is printed with soy ink for the safety of your rats as some ink can be toxic when ingested.

The benefit of paper is that it creates very little dust, allow rat to dig or burrow into them. However, it is not very good at absorbent.

#2 Toilet Tissue & Paper Towels

If you are looking for the comfortable and super soft bedding, then this is what you need. You probably have plenty of supplies already. Apart from plain white toilet or kitchen paper torn into thin strips forms, you can also let your rat tear it themselves and having fun.

However, the drawback is that toilet tissue and paper towels cannot last for long, and you may have to replace them frequently.

#3 Cloth

Cloth is also the material that always available around you. You can take old t-shirts and pants and then cut them into strips, place in the rat cage. Remember to use the fabric that doesn’t have a lot of loose threads.

Cloth can also be washed and reused. Take all the small pieces of cloth into the mesh laundry bag and then wash with washing machine. It will creates a soft and dust free bedding.

#4 Cardboard

Old cartons, egg boxes or the tubes from toilet paper can be tear and use for rat bedding. It is not create the perfect comfortable bottom for your rat but it absorb very well. Tearing the cardboard into small pieces about two inches and place into the rat cage.

How to set up the best hedgehog cage?How to set up the best hedgehog cage?

In order to set up the comfortable home for your hedgehog, you will need the best hedgehog cage and the detail instructions to assemble. Besides, the cage setup come with all the equipment for hedgehog needs and you have to set things together.

Set up the perfect enclosure habitat is not the simple task since you also need to know about hedgehog ideal temperature and light. In this guide, I will touch on all the basic things you need to know about set up hedgehog enclosure.

#1 How big should the best hedgehog cage be?

Although hedgehogs are quite small but they are active and they require a roomy cage for a happy and healthy life. The general rule of thumb is to go as big as possible. Their cage should be at least 5 feet long and 2 feet wide.

You also can use guinea pig cage for hedgehog as an alternative. Because a hedgehog that is 6 ounces – 2 pounds weigh will require the same amount of space as a guinea pig.

#2 What to put in hedgehog cage?

Proper habitats for hedgehog not only ensures that they are safe, feel secure but also be entertained. Instead of the cage, you have to think about interior and the equipment and accessories you are going to put in. Below is a list of items that your hedgehog will need:


Hedgehog food bowl

Hide area

A wheel


Water bowl

A litter box

#3 What temperature do hedgehogs need?

Apart from the cage, your pets will need a comfortable environment, which is at 73-80 degrees F temperature (21-25 degrees C) with good ventilation. Ensure that the temperature should never drop below 18 degrees C or above 28 degrees C.

To set up a temperature for your hedgehog, you will need a thermostat, which will helps control the temperature inside the cage. Besides, you also need the heat source, and the ideal heat source for hedgehog is ceramic heat emitter or a heat mat.

#4 Do hedgehogs need lighting?

Yes, hedgehogs also need light but there is nothing complicated to meet their lighting need. You just need to ensure that the cage will be received natural daylight. Your hedgehogs should have about 12 hours exposed light during the day.

Best reptile heat mat: Zacro Reptile Heat Pad vs Zoomed Reptitherm Undertank HeaterBest reptile heat mat: Zacro Reptile Heat Pad vs Zoomed Reptitherm Undertank Heater

The comfort and happiness of reptiles are partly based on a source of heat in their habitat. Reptiles are cold-blooded animals; they cannot regulate their own body temperature. This is why the external sources of heat are very important for them.

One of the best ways to provide heat for reptiles is to use the best reptile heat mat. The heat mat not only keeps your pets warm, but it also helps reptiles digest their food. There is a large supply of heat pads are available, not all of them give good performance and value for your money.

So in this post, we’ve put together two bestseller reptile heat mats with their pros and cons that you should consider. They are Zacro Reptile Heat Pad with Thermostat and Zoomed Reptitherm Undertank Heater.

#1 The size of the heat pad

Ensure that you choose the heat mat that fits with your tank. Too large or small may lead to the risk of overheating your reptiles or do not provide them enough amount of heat.

As mention above, reptiles cannot regulate their own body temperature. With the reptile heat mat, you can give them a chance to do that. Choosing the hat mat that takes 2/3 your tank bottom will create the gradient temperature inside the tank. Your reptiles will choose where they want to stay.

The Zoo Med Repti Therm Under Tank Heater is available in four sizes; from 4 x 5 inches to 18 x 8 inches. That means you will have 4 options to choose from.

Zacro Reptile Heat Pad is available at only one size: 12 x 8 inches. It will suitable for 30-40 gallons tank. Make sure that it is fitted with your tank before buying.

#2 Temperature controller thermostat

The thermostat is an extremely important device that works for control temperature of your heater as well as the temperature inside the tank,

Zacro heat pad includes its own temperature controller. This controller do a great job since it allows you to adjust the temperature at some different levels but the drawback is that it does not show the current temperature. In order to know what exactly temperature each level corresponds to, you will have to purchase on an external thermometer.

Zoomed reptitherm heat mad does not come with a built-in thermometer that means you will need to buy a thermostat controller separately. The thermostat controller will help you rest your mind when using it 24 hours per day.

#3 Heating element

Zoomed reptitherm heat pad has a solid-state nichrome heating element and uses the adhesive to attach to the bottom of the tank. It is designed for optimal heat transfer using low energy as little as 16 watts of power.

Zacro Reptile Heat Pad also use nichrome heating wire distributes heat evenly over the heating pad. It won’t make certain hot spots, instead, this head mat creates the temperature gradient inside the enclosure. It is also made of high-quality PVC, which makes it flexible and foldable.

Best chicken incubator: Farm Innovators Model 4200 vs Yosoo 10 chicken eggs mini incubatorBest chicken incubator: Farm Innovators Model 4200 vs Yosoo 10 chicken eggs mini incubator

The best chicken incubator is the artificial method, which provides the proper condition necessary for producing chicks from eggs. The incubator will mimic the environment as though the mother hen is sitting on eggs, and help you to increase the success of hatching rate.

In order to help you narrow down your choices, this post is going for details of two reliable eggs incubators: Farm Innovators Model 4200 circulated air vs Yosoo 10 chicken eggs mini incubatore

#1 Incubator size

Depending on your purpose and preference to decide the size of the incubator you need to buy. The larger incubator will hold for more eggs, but a smaller incubator is an economic choice, compact and easy to move if needed.

You really need to know about beginners guide hatching chicken eggs before choosing an incubator. It will help you choose the most suitable one.

Yosoo incubators can only hatch up to 10 chicken eggs at once. If you want to hatch more eggs, you will need to wait for the next time. This device is ideal for home use, classrooms, and beginners who’ve just get the start at keeping chicken.

Farm Innovators model 4200 is an ideal incubator for those who want to incubate a lot of eggs at once. This incubator can hold up to 41 eggs at a time, an impressive number.

#2 Viewing window

A large viewing window is not very necessary but will convenient if you want to monitor and see your eggs in the incubation process without opening the incubator.

Yosoo incubator comes with a clear window surrounding, you can be able to see your eggs without interrupting.

Farm Innovators Model 4200 also built-in two windows that are measure 9-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches allow you to observe the eggs. But these windows are quite small and make a bit difficult to see the middle row of eggs through the view windows.

#3 Egg Turner

There is some incubator comes with an automatic egg turner while others do not. But whether the type of incubator you decide to choose, turning eggs must happen at least 2-4 times per day.

Farm Innovators Model 4200 features an automatic egg turner, which will turn the eggs at proper intervals automatically every four hours.  So that you don’t have to guess how often the eggs need to be turned.

The drawback of Yoosoo is that it does not come with automatic egg turner, You will need to learn about how to manual turn your eggs.