Backpack Sprayer: Get Rid Of Harmful Insects And Plant Diseases

In few years recently, more and more people are big fans of doing the garden. To have a beautiful garden, you need to make a plan to care for your garden. The devices are assistive tools that make your gardening work be easy and convenient. Among them, a backpack sprayer is a necessary item to expel weeds, harmful insects, and plant diseases.

1. How did I get rid of harmful agents in my garden?

Before I knew backpack sprayers, I used natural ways to remove harmful insects from my garden. First of all, I chose varieties of plants that are resistant to pests and diseases. Thanks to the development of science and technology, many plants with high resistance to pests and diseases have been successfully studied. Therefore, I always choose reputable and high-quality varieties for planting. Secondly, it is necessary to eliminate weeds in my garden. Killing weeds is also one of the ways to get rid of insects and prevent pests from growing without using pesticides. I used manual methods to eradicate weeds such as digging the soil and weeding by hand. However, this method took me not only a lot of time but also my efforts to do.  

2.Backpack sprayer had positive effects when I cared for my garden

After consulting my friends’ experiences about doing the garden, I decided to buy a backpack sprayer for preventing insect pests, weeds, and diseases. I found the benefits that a backpack sprayer brings when compared to a handheld sprayer. The backpack sprayer can spray in a wide area while the handheld sprayer just apply with a small area.

2.1. Saving our time and our effort to eradicate insect pests, weeds, and diseases

Nowadays, farmers and gardeners can use a backpack sprayer to spray chemicals to eliminate harmful agents. It consists of a chemical solution-holding tank, a pressure-holding chamber, a pump, a hose, and a wand having a control valve. After putting the chemical solution into the liquid-holding tank, the backpack sprayer will be worn on the shoulders. The chemical solution will be pumped from the tank to the hose and then out into the soil environment. The chemical liquid will be sprayed like dewdrops covering the crop so users do not need to move much when using a backpack sprayer. It is a useful way for you to save your time and effort to remove harmful agents from your garden.

2.2. Ensuring labor safety

When gardeners use chemicals to kill pests, a backpack sprayer keeps them safe from direct contact with chemicals. A backpack sprayer with gloves and boots are effective items to protect people if they need to apply chemical methods to cultivation. Especially for tall fruit trees and large canopy, the use of backpack sprayers is very necessary. The chemical droplets quickly adhere to plants, eradicating pests, and preventing them from growing. 

2.3. Spraying chemicals into small and narrow areas

Plants in narrow areas are difficult to take care of and eliminate harmful pests, weeds, and diseases. A backpack sprayer is compact to be worn on the shoulder and move into small areas so that it can spray the entire crop area. Actually, it is very effective to keep plants healthy from both pests and diseases.

3. Common types of backpack sprayers

There are two common types of them that are manual backpack sprayer and motorized backpack sprayer. Each type of backpack sprayer has a different capacity from 5 liters to 25 liters. Depending on the purpose and area of the crop, you need to consider to choose the best backpack sprayer. 

3.1. Manual backpack sprayer

If doing the garden is your favorite but you are not a professional gardener, a manual backpack sprayer is a great idea for you. The tank of general backpack sprayer as well as made from super-hard synthetic material or stainless steel. These materials resist not only the corrosion of chemicals from the inside but also the impact resistance from the outside. 

When using a manual backpack sprayer, the user uses the force of the arm to pump chemical solution from the holding tank to the hose. When pouring the chemical solution into the holding tank must go through the snare to remove impurities. Then screw the lid on the container tightly and pump the pressure to reach 3-5 atm or feel heavier. In the spraying process, you just open the safety valve. In addition, you need to choose the form of a continuous spray or interrupt by hand and select a hose that suits the job requirements.

3.2. Motorized backpack sprayer

The motorized backpack sprayer is a perfect choice for farmers and gardeners who look after a large crop area. Its capacity is ten times as high as that of a manual backpack sprayer. Motorized backpack sprayer brings high economic efficiency for regions with large production organizations. Farmers and gardeners are not under pressure on their hands when using this kind of backpack sprayer.

4. How to keep a backpack sprayer clean?

After each use, it is necessary to clean the backpack sprayer to keep it durable. You need to wash the chemical solution-holding tank and then wash the hose. If your device is a motorized backpack sprayer, you should avoid splashing water into the engine. Let’s keep the backpack sprayer in a dry place after washing. Cleaning the device plays an important role to extend its lifespan and protect the health of users. Also, you need to avoid strong impacts that affect the housing of the tank as well as the pump. In terms of motorized backpack sprayers, you do not immerse the holding tank in the water because water can damage the electrical system in the engine.

All things considered, it is important for you to consider carefully when choosing the best backpack sprayer. The sooner you use a type of backpack sprayer, the easier and more effective your gardening will be.