Top 5 best outdoor grow setup 2021

If you are here, it means you are planning to grow marijuana outdoors, but you don’t know where to start. Well, worry no more. Assuming you already have your seeds with you, this guide will help you set-up your outdoor grow house in no time.

First, you need to look for an ideal location to put up your grow house. It needs to be accessible to direct sunlight and easily accessible.

Advantages of growing marijuana in an outdoor grow room

  • The power costs are reduced since you will be relying mostly on natural light from the sun.
  • The plants are free to grow as big and thick as you want them and can produce high yields of up to 500-800 grams per plant.
  • It is environmentally friendly since less power is used.
  • Gardening is quite a relaxing, therapeutic, and fun experience.

For an outdoor grow room, you will need many things to set up, but we shall focus on five, which are;

Grow lights

Even though outdoor growing means the plants will solely depend on sunlight, there are instances where grow lights will be necessary. For example,

  1. When growing offseason
  2. When weather conditions are unfavorable
  3. When the sun sets earlier than usual, you need to extend the sunlight to keep the plant in a vegetative stage.

In such instances, the VIPARSPECTRA UL CERTIFIED 300W GROW LIGHTS will come in handy. They are

  • Fire resistant
  • Have high penetration power
  • UL certified, making them safe and high-quality.
  • Full-spectrum lights, which means they provide the plant with everything the sun would in all growth stages.
  • Has daisy chains features to enable multiple lights to be tied together.

Grow house/room

A grow house should be the first item on your list. To make one, you will need to purchase some glass, fiberglass, or plastic and make one from scratch. As an alternative, the OHUHU LARGE WALK-IN GROW HOUSE is among the top grow houses on Amazon.

It is perfect for keeping your cannabis warm but still well ventilated. This grow house protects your plants from weather like rain, snow, and wind.

It is effortless to install and comes with hooks and ropes. Ohuhu grow house is made of high-quality material and rust-resistant metal tubes.

It is spacious enough to hold 12 wired shelves and still have some room for keeping gardening equipment.

The cover is waterproof, UV-resistant, and extremely stable.


When looking for the best soil for your marijuana plants, look for the following qualities;

  • Contain compost, worm casting, or bat guano.
  • Good drainage ability
  • High oxygen levels
  • Impressive water retention capability
  • PH levels of 5.8 to 6.3

HAPPY FROG POTTING SOIL FROM FOXFARM fits the criteria and is a top seller on Amazon. It comes ready to use with beneficial microbes and mycorrhizal fungi for healthy root development, resulting in more robust plants with higher impressive yields.

Oscillating exhaust fans

They help maintain proper grow room humidity levels, thus keeping away diseases and pests. Essential in maintaining optimal temperatures during hot, sunny days for good growth of plants.

HONEYWELL DOUBLE BLADE OSCILLATING FAN is one of the best fans for outdoor grow rooms. Its features are;

  1. Easy to use the remote control
  2. Powerful and quiet
  3. Energy saving
  4. Three power setting that enables you to customize your room’s cooling by selecting the breeze, variable, or constant options
  5. Can handle medium to large rooms

Grow container/bag

Where do you put your soil? You need to look for a bucket or fabric pots for your soil. The latter is preferred as it allows the free flow of air to the plant’s roots.

VIVOSUN 5 PACK FABRIC POTS WITH HANDLES fit the description to a tee. It is a top seller on Amazon for many reasons like; the fabric is strong, durable, environment-friendly, and slightly porous.

The non-woven material allows the drainage of excess water and promotes the sufficient circulation of air to the plant’s roots resulting in healthier plants. Its strong reinforced handles can withstand the weight of the soil without getting damage.

The Vivosun 5 pack fabric pots are re-usable for many years and come with a one-year warranty.


You will also need other equipment like a PH reader, an environmental reader (temp and humidity), an automatic water system, curved trimming scissors, timers, among others. However, the five listed above are some of the most essential outdoor grow set-up items.