Top 5 best outdoor grow tents 2021

Outdoor grow tents combine the indoor control over the plants’ growth and the advantage of outdoor growing like natural lighting and free ventilation. While growing marijuana plants outdoors is okay, growing them in an outdoor grow tent keeps pests and insects away while still protecting the plants from unfavorable weather conditions like storms.

Below are the five best outdoor grow tents available on Amazon

Top Sales Product Features Price
ZAQI Portable Walk in Greenhouse, Plant Grow Tents, Steel Frame Garden Backyard Outdoor Gardening House with Doors (Size : … from $242.92
ZAQI Mini Walk-in Greenhouse – Outdoor Plants Garden Green House Tent 2 Tiers 4 Shelf, White Portable Flower Stand from $256.17
Techson Mini Pop-up Greenhouse with Clear Cover Protected Plant Grow House, Portable Flower Tent Shelter for Garden Outdoor … from $22.69
Mini Greenhouse 4 Tier Indoor Outdoor with PE Cover and Roll-Up Zipper Door, Portable Waterproof Cloth Greenhouse Tent Grow … from $39.99
Giantex Portable Walk in Greenhouse Plant Grow Tents Steel Frame Garden Backyard Outdoor Gardening Green House w/ 6 Wind… from $125.99
LIFETEN 15’×6.6’×6.6′ Greenhouse, Upgraded Large Walk-in Greenhouse, Portable Greenhouse with Reinforced Frame&8 Screen … from $159.99
SV SCOOL VALUE Small Greenhouse,Outdoor Greenhouse,Portable Greenhouse with Anchors and Roll-up Zipper Door,Grow Plants… from $69.90
EAGLE PEAK 8’x6′ Portable Walk-in Greenhouse Instant Pop-up Indoor Outdoor Plant Gardening Green House Canopy, Front and … from $164.99

Top 5 best outdoor grow tents

1. Tingyuan pop-up outdoor grow tent.

It is relatively small in size, making it perfect for anyone interested in growing a small number of cannabis plants for personal use.

The pop-up tent is easy to install and disassemble. When not in use, it takes up minimal space in your storeroom.

It has a transparent cover that allows the farmer to keep track of the plants’ growth without interference and allows sunlight to reach the plants easily. The windows at the side provide ventilation for the plant.

This relatively cheap outdoor plant tent is perfect for protecting your small collection of weed plants from harsh weather, pests, and insects.

2. BenefitUSA ZH0124 walk-in outdoor grow tent.

This outdoor grow tent has a practical, unique, and impressive design. Its unique D-like shape characterizes it. It is straight on one side and has a semi-circular shape on the other side, which holds the shelves.

The tent has three tiers and two shelves wired to offer support to the containers/pots. It is long to allow for plants to grow to their maximum height.

The size is quite spacious to allow the plants to grow in a free, well-ventilated, and cool environment.

BenefitUSA ZH0124 has a translucent cover to allow light rays to penetrate through and reach the plants, while the zipper door can be opened to facilitate ventilation.

It is effortless to assemble and disassemble the BenefitUSA ZH0124 grow tent.

3. Quictent portable large outdoor grow tent.

The tent is big enough to hold numerous marijuana plants. It comes in size 12x7x7 feet and 20x10x6.6 feet. The height is about 7meters to allow cannabis plants to grow to their maximum height.

The cover is UV-repellent, waterproof & translucent, and is made of two layers to keep it strong and durable enough to withstand the hard outdoors conditions. It also has double zipper doors, six air vents for ventilation, and wire-meshed windows to prevent foreign objects like insects and dust from entering the tent.

The poles are very strong, durable, and easy to assemble.

4. Giantex portable walk-in outdoor plant tent.

The tent measures 10×6.5×20 feet and is the biggest grow tent on the list. It is ideal for farmers looking for ample space for their weed. With this tent, you are assured you weed will grow without external interference.

The ventilation is impressive as it has eight windows and a zipper door that can be opened easily to allow the flow of air in and outside the tent.

According to the manufacturer, Giantex, the tent can be wet-up in less than 30 minutes. The steel frames have a powder coating to prevent rusting, and the outer cover is made of 140g PE fabric, which is environmentally-friendly.

5. Outsunny stable walk-in outdoor grow tent.

It measures 6×6.3×6.4 feet. This is the only grow tent that is sturdy enough to be turned into a permanent grow tent, making it the best option for a grower looking to grow all year round.

The cover material is transparent to allow easy penetration of sunlight to the plants. It also has an openable section on the gable canopy that allows for more sunlight to pass through as well as fresh air.

This classy and sophisticated grow tent comprises a rainwater gutter which connects to an outlet that collects the rainwater.


These are some of the best, high-performing grow tents in the market. Any of them would go a long way to ensure your plants grow to become healthy and produce high yields. You can look into the best sizes and qualities that suit your needs and pick the one that works best for you.