Where is The Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in US?

US growers do not have as many advantages to buying marijuana seeds as EU growers or Canadian growers, because cannabis laws in the US are still very restrictive. As such, the sale of cannabis seeds in many states is sensitive and requires caution.

But fortunately, there are now many reputable online seed banks that accept shipping marijuana seeds to states in the USA. They will ensure their customers can receive cannabis seeds in their hands, safely.

We have prepared this list of best places to buy seeds in US so that beginner growers can get a safe, reputable place to invest in their crops.

Top 10 Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds in US 2021

#1 Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds is a reputable seed bank that ships globally, and they guarantee their customers will receive high-quality seeds that are right for your investment. This seed bank not only has a quality collection of marijuana seeds, but also offers excellent customer service.

Rocket Seeds has an impressive portfolio of over 500 cannabis strains. They hope that with this wide variety of seeds, any grower will be able to find the right marijuana seeds for their taste and skill level, by visiting their website.

This seed bank ships stealthily, securely, and quickly. They also offer many promotions with free seeds for orders.

#2 MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada has been on the cannabis market since 2009, and since then, MJ Seeds Canada has continuously served customers with the best germination percentage cannabis strains. US growers can rest assured when buying marijuana seeds from this seed bank. Since they will use their own shipping, it’s 100% safe.

MJ Seeds Canada also offers guaranteed shipping for orders placed directly at their website. In the event that your package is confiscated at customs or lost, growers can provide proof to MJ Seeds Canada, and they will gladly send you replacement marijuana seeds. All are completely free.

#3 Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is no stranger to US growers and this seed bank seems to be the best place to buy marijuana seeds for US and Canada. Crop King Seeds’ cannabis seed collection can please both beginner growers and seasoned growers alike.

For the US states, Crop King Seeds will ship its seeds from its headquarters in California, and US growers can receive their orders within the same day. All orders are discreetly packaged, and this seed bank offers free shipping on orders over $200.

Crop King Seeds offers 80% germination guarantee, and they also have many other promotions. Even though their cannabis seeds sale price is above average, it is possible for growers to get it for less thanks to these offers and guarantees.

#4 Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds may not be a seed bank that owns a huge amount of marijuana seeds, but they are one of the few seed banks that offer the best service. Herbies Seeds offers a highly personalized service, and they leave any customer with a good impression with their marijuana seed purchasing experience.

Herbies Seeds promise to ship only high-fresh, carefully temperature-controlled cannabis seeds. You know how freshness affects germination rate and Herbies Seeds are very important for that. They also provide guaranteed germination so growers can plant with peace of mind.

This seed bank also offers free gifts, free seeds on orders. They will also ensure safe shipping, hidden delivery so that the order is shipped smoothly. However, they do not offer free shipping on orders ship to the US.

#5 WeedSeedsExpress

WeedSeedsExpress isn’t an established seed bank, but they still have enough potential to stand out among the hundreds of seed banks out there. That is possible thanks to the large stock of marijuana seeds for a rookie and the accompanying impressive service.

WeedSeedsExpress is continuing to diversify its marijuana collection. Growers can expect this seed bank to bring more quality cannabis strains in the future. And it is impressive that the germination rate of cannabis seeds at WeedSeedsExpress is up to 93%.

Marijuana seeds are cheap here, and you can expect free shipping on your order. In particular, WeedSeedsExpress offers various promotions and growers can buy seeds at a much better price.

#6 Original Seed Store

Original Seed Store is a long-established seed bank and they have been in the industry since 1992. Original Seed Store is also one of the most highly reputable seed banks that even seasoned growers trust immensely. condition.

This seed bank has delivered its marijuana seeds worldwide over the past decades. They only sell high quality seeds, which have been selected from over 120 renowned breeders around the world. Their seed collection contains almost every variety that growers can find.

The Original Seed Store doesn’t offer a germination guarantee like some of the other major seed banks, but the high germination rates of these cannabis seeds give growers more peace of mind. They will also provide growers with shipping options, but either option will include stealth shipping.