Best Weed to Grow Outdoors: Top 10 Cannabis Strains to Grow Outdoors 2021

Best Weed to Grow Outdoors: Top 10 Cannabis Strains to Grow Outdoors 2021

Growing cannabis indoors is enjoyable and a great way to keep your plants hidden. However, if your purpose is growing healthy plants laden with large buds, getting highest yield possible, nothing compares to an outdoors garden. Growing weed outside requires less equipment and tool, inexpensive, and most importantly, immensely satisfying.

The first thing you should know before getting started is that not all cannabis strains can grow large and flourish outside, while some other strains are bred especially to be surpassed outdoors. This article can assist you to choose the best weed to grow outdoor in your backyard garden.

The Top 7 Cannabis Strains to Grow Outdoors 2021

#1 White Widow

While Widow is great to be grown outdoor in cooler are and also in the summer at hot environments as well, you will be surprised at how well it adapts to hot, dry climates. White Widow’s renowned icy look is due to a sticky covering of resin, which also acts as an effective protective barrier from insects and fungus. Additionally, the sativa-dominant strain itself have the incredible endurance for hot temperatures. You can expect it is a perfect summer strain if you’ve had a trouble growing your weed in excessive sunshine.

#2 OG Kush

If you are living in US, you probably hear about OG Kush as it is one of the most famous outdoor strains that provides rich harvest. OG Kush prefer growing in hot climates and is an excellent alternative for novices who want to build an outdoors garden. It is well-known for being simple to cultivate and for having a peaceful, calm smoking profile, since its Florida origins. When cultivated outdoors, this strain may grow up to nine feet tall and has the potential to yield a lot of buds up to 1100 grams bud per plant. It produces a powerful effect that’s ideal for users who are suffering from sleeplessness or inflammation.

#3 Durban Poison

Durban Poison is an excellent strain for growing outdoors, it can be harvested or year around with just pleasant, warm condition requirement. This sativa-dominant strain is known to reach impressive height. It’s a wonderful daytime strain that’s best consumed if you want to feel powerful and active. This strain takes about 10 weeks to mature with extremely heavy, dense flowering buds that can produce up to 350 g per plant.

#4 Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a simple to grow plant with quickly root development and it can thrive in any environment. Once you’ve sowed the seeds, all you need to do is watering it and Super Silver Haze can do the most part of taking care itself. This strain will help relax your mind and body as well as elevate your mood up. This strain is ideal to grow in the summer, its flowering periods and harvested time is in early September.

#5 LSD

Because this strain is robust and resistant against many typical fungus and pests, it is a big success and ideal option for newcomers. As long as you cultivate it in warm areas, this strain does not require any maintenance or attention. In mild circumstances, this strain can perform better if you offer cover, like greenhouse, where the plants receive enough of sunlight. LSD is causes very powerful effect like a near-psychedelic experience as it contains extreme THC levels of 24%.

#6 Hulkberry

Hulkberry is what you should choose if you’re planning to grow weed outside and want to get the biggest yield possible. Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush were combined to create this sativa-dominant hybrid. Hulkberry grows can reach to 2m height and produces a rich harvest of around 700g per plant, with an impressive THC content of 27 percent. With its potency and high THC level, it goes without saying that this strain will create a powerful euphoria effects, so take it easy and slowly on Hulkberry to ensure that you can manage all it has to offer.

#7 Royal Domina

It quickly growing outdoor in the open air and under the sunlight, this short-term strain takes only eight weeks to reach maturity. It is ideal to harvest in early September. Although it has brief growth season, this strain can grow fast and reach incredible heights of about 1.8, when being grown outside. It contains 20% THC content and has attractively delicious buds.

#8 Glookies

This is one of the most low-maintenance, strong strains for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Glookies is a delectable hybrid of Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies. This strain generates high-quality buds as well as large yields. When being grown outside, it can produce over 2kg per plant. What I love the most is that this plant can protect itself from most fungus and rot. It is also very easy to cultivate, all of these benefits making it excellent option for new growers.