Chronic Thunder Strain Effects & Review – Cannabis Strain for All Levels with a Full-bodied High Effect

Hearing Chronic Thunder strain, experienced growers will surely think of a cannabis strain that provides dense and really quality shoots of trichomes. Meanwhile, smokers will imagine the ideal cannabis strain for a pleasant evening.

Chronic Thunder Barney’s Farm is a cross between two legendary cannabis strains from this breeder. Although it doesn’t appear to be very popular, Chronic Thunder is really a cannabis strain worth trying and it is a potential cannabis strain for both growers and smokers. That’s why we’re providing you with information about this strain of cannabis, in addition to what you might find when you search for Chronic Thunder strain allbud.


Chronic Thunder Strain


Chronic and Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Relaxed – 10, Euphoric – 9, Happy – 8, Aroused – 6, Uplifted – 6


Pungent, diesel, pepper, cinnamon, earthy


Diesel, earthy, sweet, cinnamon, spicy, pepper


Dry mouth – 10, Dry eyes – 2, Dizzy – 1, Headache – 1, Paranoid – 1


Pain – 10, Depression – 10, Insomnia – 10, Stress – 9, Inflammation – 8


7 to 9 weeks


Late September to mid-October


2 to 4 feet


17% to 20%


Up to 1%




17 to 21 ounces per square meter


21 ounces or more per plant


Cool and dry climate





Chronic Thunder Origins

Barney’s Farm has crossed two legendary cannabis strains, Chronic and Alaskan Thunder Fuck, to create a potent cannabis strain, Chronic Thunder. The combination of these two legendary cannabis strains has resulted in an 80% Indica and 20% Sativa dominant cannabis strain.

Chronic Thunder is considered a cannabis strain that offers a great source of energy, with high recreational value. But at the same time, the Chronic Thunder grow journal has been pretty positive and this strain is great for your cannabis garden. Chronic Thunder’s Indica genetics are an advantage for growers of all levels.

Chronic Thunder inherits good genetics from its two parent strains and it offers a lot of recreational, medical, and profitable value to smokers and growers alike. Now that we know the origins of Chronic Thunder, we’ll dig deeper into this potential cannabis strain.

Chronic Thunder Effects

With a THC content of more than 20%, Chronic Thunder will bring a recognizable experience to your spirit. The initial effect that Chronic Thunder brings is a euphoric effect that spreads throughout the body. This euphoria doesn’t come immediately, but it will slowly adjust to and clear your worries and anxieties.

Chronic Thunder doesn’t provide immediate overwhelming effects, but it will slowly spread and adjust through changing behaviors. You will feel the euphoria, happiness coming gradually during its stabilization. At some point, the wide smiles will last until you really sink into the pleasant feeling.

That’s why we said in the first place that Chronic Thunder is especially suitable for use on mild evenings. Besides the uplifting effect, Chronic Thunder will also raise your energy levels. That makes Chronic Thunder not really ideal for you to use on really busy days.

Chronic Thunder Fragrance & Flavors

Chronic Thunder is not a sweet or refreshing flavored cannabis strain. This cannabis strain has a strong, rather pungent and pungent taste. It can be said that it has a characteristic scent of Chronic cannabis strain, inherited from parents.

You can easily notice the characteristic diesel smell, mixed with the pungent color of cinnamon. This combination delivers a powerful scent that immediately hits your sense of smell. When burned, you will find subtle earthy scents and soften some of the powerful aromas.

The pungent taste with a bit of sourness can cause coughing fits when smoke is inhaled. For those who are just starting out, we recommend trying it out first with a small sip of the smoke and slowly inhaling it to avoid coughing or choking attacks.

Chronic Thunder also carries with it the aftertaste as you release the fine smoke. It’s a bit spicy, but it’s quite mild and not overpowering. This strong flavor will suit more experienced smokers.

Chronic Thunder Medical

As mentioned, Chronic Thunder not only brings entertainment value, but it also possesses high medical value. Thanks to its moderate CBD levels, Chronic Thunder has an uplifting effect, removing countless afflictions to help you think more positively and healthier.

It is through the uplifting effects of Chronic Thunder that this cannabis strain calms stress, anxiety, and confusion. It will replace it with happiness, and positive thinking, thereby bringing good effects to patients with depression, PTSD, or other health problems.

Besides, Chronic Thunder also acts as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It can eliminate headaches, muscle aches and other chronic pains. A physically exhausted condition will also be of great help. With anti-inflammatory properties, redness or swelling will also be treated naturally.

Chronic Thunder also has a mild sedative effect. For patients with chronic insomnia will also receive help from Chronic Thunder. Your sleep will be enhanced in both quantity and quality.

Chronic Thunder Growing

Chronic Thunder seeds are not too difficult to grow, it can be said that this cannabis strain is suitable for growers of all levels. Chronic Thunder has good vitality, high resistance to pests and diseases, and does not require complicated techniques to control it. Beginner growers can expect a successful crop with Chronic Thunder seeds.

Growers can plant Chronic Thunder seeds both indoors and outdoors. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the plants will grow densely, so growers need to pay attention to pruning to avoid mold, as well as to increase the yield of the plant.

When grown outdoors, Chronic Thunder seeds will grow into fairly tall plants. However, they can adapt well to harsh weather conditions and high winds. But growers should not be so subjective, pay attention to take care of them, especially at the first vegetative stages.

Indoor plants will be more modest in size. Growers should plant about 4 plants per square meter to ensure they have the best growing conditions and yield. It is also the ideal choice to shorten Chronic Thunder flowering time and improve yield. Pruning techniques and SOG are needed.

With good care, growers can yield 17 – 21 ounces/m2 indoors, and about 21 ounces/plant outdoors.

Where Can I Buy Chronic Thunder Seeds?

Currently, finding Chronic Thunder seeds for sale is no longer as difficult as before thanks to the widespread appearance of online seed banks. However, finding an online seed bank that can provide the best Chronic Thunder seeds is not easy.

A lot of beginner growers have wasted their money on scam seed banks and this is really sad. That’s why we recommend a few reputable online seed banks that provide good Chronic Thunder seeds for your crop.


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