How Long Does Hummus Last?

Hummus, a creamy and thick dip made mostly of mashed chickpeas with the addition of healthy ingredients. This kind of spread has become favored in many countries and regions, especially Middle Eastern and North African.

What if you are really into hummus but you seem to be too lazy to make it in every meal? Make a large dish of hummus for later use must be the best way to save time and effort. But how to know that how long does hummus last? In this article, I will give you the final answer about the shelf life of hummus in different environments.

For Homemade Hummus

#1 In the Fridge

“Everything can be stored in the fridge” seems to be right even for hummus. I suggest not storing hummus in the fridge beyond three to five days. This period of time still keeps the creamy texture and the original taste of hummus. Remember to not put hummus in the bottom shelves – the coldest part of the refrigerator because it will cause water splitting (lime juice or lemon juice) in hummus, you are not able to maintain its smooth texture. Moreover, if you keep hummus longer, I guess you might waste the best condition of hummus and its taste. In case you cannot eat all hummus in a maximum of 5 days, send it over to your neighbors or friends might be helpful.

#2 In the Freezer

If hummus can be refrigerated, it also can be frozen too. Putting that tasty chickpea sauce in the freezer will extend its shelf life for consumption for up to 7 months. However, I would not recommend this method because the extreme temperature of a freezer might change a little bit the quality of food from moisturing and creamy to bland and dry. The longer your hummus is kept frozen, the more flavor it will lose.

Please note to add some extra oil on top of hummus and use freezer-safe boxes. This does not guarantee your hummus will keep fresh in total 6 months but will reduce the ability to lose its flavor. Putting some oil helps to avoid water splitting so after defrosting or thawing, you can stir it up to its original consistency.

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For Packaged Hummus

For store-bought hummus, from the day you buy and open the canned or packaged hummus, it may last for 4 to 6 days in the fridge. Definitely, once you open the hummus, it’s shelf life is cut shorter than that of unopened one. You also should notice the expiry date on the packaging to ensure that the quality of hummus is still fresh and have a pleasant smell.

If you want to keep your store-bought hummus longer, you can try freezing technique. However, as I said, I will not recommend this to you because it is quite hard to maintain the authentic taste of hummus in such a long time (by months).


Remember, the information I gave you about how long is hummus good for can be used as references or opinions because individual cases would vary. Therefore, according to the actual situation, you can decide to keep it in a time that is best for your health.

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